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San Francisco: Food, Drinks, Design

Mission Dolores Park

It’s a boom time in San Francisco, and it feels great. While the city’s Internet industry has made apartment shopping a pain, it has also kept the locals incredibly well-fed, caffeinated, and clothed.

For our new San Francisco guide — get it now from the App Store — we’ve skipped the touristy and tacky parts, highlighting 15 great places instead: Restaurants, cafés, shops, relaxation, and more. Each note includes a little more about the neighborhood, so you feel like you’re exploring with a knowledgeable friend.

What’s Inside

The Mill San Francisco

The Mill

Coffee and toast in a beautiful space.

Park Life

Park Life

The perfect shop for design nerds.

343 Sansome Rooftop

SF’s Secret Rooftops

Relatively unknown public spaces.

Inside, you’ll also find a great cocktail bar near Union Square, smart boutiques for men and women, and two relaxation spots with breathtaking, only-in-SF views. Buy now: $1.99 for iPhone.

Special thanks to Sergey Aksyutin, Katie Baynes, Kate Imbach, Xande Macedo, Michael Maher, Om Malik, Laura Oppenheimer, Alex Parsons, Lauren Sherman, and Nick Vlasov. Photos via The Mill, Park Life, and SPUR/Noah Christman.

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