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Union Square NYC

If you should ever find yourself standing in Times Square, or in line for a Statue of Liberty cruise, your first instinct should be to run away fast, and your second to download this guide.

We’ve skipped the touristy and tacky parts of New York City, highlighting 20 great places instead: Restaurants, bars, shops, relaxation, and more — picked specifically for the season. Each note includes a little more about the neighborhood, so you feel like you’re exploring with a knowledgeable friend.

What’s Inside



Bourbon bar with a great menu.

Pilgrim Surf + Supply

Pilgrim Surf + Supply

This place will make you happy.

All Good Things

All Good Things

A neat little market in TriBeCa.

Inside, you’ll also find our favorite pizza place, a great coffee shop near the High Line, and a new, hidden gem across the Brooklyn Bridge. Buy now: $1.99 for iPhone.

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Our guides focus on the best and most interesting places, not the most obvious or famous.

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