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Canal Saint-Martin Paris

Without overthinking this, here are some of the things driving us while we build City Notes.

We love cities. There are few things more fun than wandering around a neat neighborhood, peeking into shops, eating something amazing, enjoying a cocktail, observing the locals, and wandering some more. Our mission is to help you find those great places in every city. And, yes, “fun” is an important metric here.

No bull. We want you to see the real cities we cover, not sanitized caricatures or manufactured “experiences.” We’ll avoid cheesy travel clichés and too-perfect stock photos, aiming for an original, realistic representation of things you can actually see and do. They won’t always be clean (or serious!), but they’ll be real.

Change is good. Cities are not museums — people live here. We celebrate changing neighborhoods, taller buildings, and faster trains. But — importantly — only when tasteful and well-planned. Good design is crucial, and we’ll keep score.

Simple is better. You shouldn’t overplan your trip, so we won’t overload our guides.

Burgers are awesome. No, seriously. Grilled meat with melted cheese, smoky bacon, crispy greens, and sinus-clearing dijon? And they look cool, too. If you like burgers, we’ll be friends.

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Our guides focus on the best and most interesting places, not the most obvious or famous.

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Dan Frommer

Dan Frommer is Founder and Editor of City Notes. He was previously a technology journalist and travel gear outfitter. Dan helped create Business Insider in 2007 and launched a tech site, SplatF, in 2011.